VACUCHECK 90 - Tool to control the valve tightness and tested.

Now you can test valves for quality of seals and valve tightness easily in seconds.

  • For testing leakoge on cylinder heads or leaky valves
  • For cheak up valve tightness directly on the vehicle when monifold is remaved
  • Perfect devite for testing petrol and diesel egines valves before or after valves seats reconditioning
  • For testing all vacuum controlled functions on carburators, injection systems, automatic transmissions etc.

Grant for immediate indication of leakage acting on air pressure vacuum system by incoming pressure of 5 to 8 bar (72 to 116 PSI). By use of air-pressure-vacuum-system and working pressure of ca. 5 to 8 bar a fast leakage indication is granted. Factory-setting on 95% of maximal suction grant for indication of smallest leakage.


  • Fast and easy handling
  • Accurate and immediate leakage
  • indication on manometer
  • Quick couplings for different intake plates
  • Hook for stationary work
  • Flexible hoses for narrow position works
  • Solid and sturdy model
  • Maintenance free


  • Set of 7 intake plates in sturdy workmanship
  • Flexible hose
  • Solid transport case


  • Intakes plates in special sizes can be supplied on request


Value max. vacuum ca.850 mbar a 6 Bar
Weight suitcase standard ca. 4 Kg.