Accessibility of Web sites

The accessibility has as its ultimate goal to make accessible Web sites and their content to a wider number of navigators, including especially the disabled, people with certain cognitive users with hardware equipment (such as hand-held computers) or software updated (as outdated browser versions).

The web is a powerful tool of communication that offers opportunities that other means could never provide: the websites accessibility should always be given the highest importance .

Precisely for this reason there is an organization dedicated to the management and control of everything related to internet: W3C, or World Wide Web Consortium (the Consortium for the web world).

This organism is then responsible for the regulation of programming languages ​​(html, css, xml, xhtml, etc..), Defining a common standard that the developer should follow

- people with physical-motor, thus incapable of being able to properly use the keyboard

- Menschen mit Sehbehinderungen, die schwierig sein kann, um zu sehen oder bestimmte Farben

- older people

- people who do not have a hardware / software tools new generation.